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Up-to-date trends and security issues that affect your family, home and/or business.

Environmental sensors provide peace of mind

Keep an eye on your holiday packages with SkyBell

SkyBell is more than just a doorbell camera, it's another layer of protection.

Don’t let your home get caught in the cold

When the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to think about the effect weather can have on our homes.

Is your home protected against poisonous carbon monoxide?

CO detectors have a lifespan of 5-7 years.

How to prepare for in-home fires

National Fire Prevention Week is October 8-13, 2017, and WH Security would like to share these tips to keep you, your property and your family prepared and safe should a fire occur.

Parade of Homes to feature WH Security

A WH Security system has been installed in a Rogers, Minnesota, house that is part of the Fall 2017 Parade of Homes.

WH Security cameras catch thieves one week after installation

Surveillance cameras are a great way to deter burglars and have proved useful in catching thieves - just ask Paul Archambault, CEO of Stinson Electric. 

The benefits of internet protocol (IP) communication

Learn how internet protocol communication can enhance your security system. 

Get interactive security services before travel season begins!

Before going away on a vacation, make sure your home is safe and secure with some of these tips. 

2G sunset, what you need to know

2G cellular communications will soon be phased out. Find out what that means for you and your security system.